We are an architectural practice based on the meeting of two different professionals figure, THE ARCHITECT AND THE STRUCTURAL ENGINEER, that complete each other. We both have more than ten years' experience in the field of RESTORATION, CONSERVATION AND REFURBISHMENT of old and antique buildings, EITHER PUBLICLY OR PRIVATELY OWNED. Our passion and our aim is the recovery of the Italian and international built heritage, by enhancing its inner potentiality and improving it in view of the contemporary needs and way of life, energy efficiency standards and seismic safety. Our different educational background allows us to tackle the problems in the building world  from various perspectives: on the one hand we analyse the historic and architectural values and we seek out the space quality, on the other we take care of the technical details and structural issues.   Our work experience, preceding the opening of our architectural practice in 2018, developed in the field of building restoration, dealing with surveys, historic research, technical analyses, architectural and structural projects, supervision of works, cost estimates, Italian building permissions and land registry services. In performing our work we had contact not only WITH ITALIAN CUSTOMERS AND OPERATORS, BUT ALSO INTERNATIONAL.