Our services are mainly dedicated  to the  field of RESTORATION and CONSERVATION. We are able to provide all stages of the process, including built heritage consultancy, conservation plans, refurbishment plans, building permissions from Italian authorities, supervision of works, cost estimates, restoration progress reports,  submission to the Italian Land registry.


We are interested in several sectors of the conservation architecture: structural reinforcement, seismic improvement, energy efficiency, building renovation, interior design, building maintenance, barrier-free accessibility, additions and extensions, division of properties, etc..

Design advice

Heritage advice

Heritage appraisals

Condition assessments

Building permission (CILA, SCIA, Permesso di Costruire) 

Unauthorised works matters and  retrospective consent applications

Certificate of use and occupancy (Mod. AG, Mod. DAG )

Building testing

Hydrogeological risk assessment for building permissions

Application for listed building consent

Building permission in protected areas of countryside (standard and simplified)

Retrospective consent applications for small unauthorised works in protected areas of countryside 

Seismic consent application

Energy performance certificate (APE-Attestato di Prestazione Energetica) for sale and rent

Energy performance certificate (AQE-Attestato di Qualificazione Energetica) for construction, installation of new heating system, extension, ...

Energy performance report according to the law 10/1991

Energy performance improvement plans for existing buildings

Tax credit applications for energy performance improvement (Eco Bonus)

Building surveys

Architectural project

Structural project

Interior design

Restoration and refurbishment

Building extension

New building

Planning of extraordinary maintenance operations 

Elimination of architectural barriers

Administrative requirements for Italian tax benefits (existing buildings)

Evaluation of seismic vulnerability

Planning of seismic improvement and retrofitting

Planning of seismic improvement and retrofitting for Italian tax benefits (Sisma Bonus)

Job specifications and priced bill of quantities

Supervision of works

Cadastral surveys

Cadastral and land registry data query

Digital map abstract with the land parcel, the plan of the building, the mortgage status

Technical updating documents for new buildings or variations of existing real estate units

Changes of cadastral holders (Volture)